This virtual keyboard lets you type Japanese characters. Then you can use (copy & paste) it anywhere like in email message, MS Word or something...

* Please click on below "Keyboard" button first. It will show virtual keyboard. Then you have two ways to get Japanese characters:

Option 1: Simple input (just type your keyboard, not on screen):
Option 2: Text area (text will appear here after you click proper keys in above virtual keyboard)
* for expamle, click "karate" (6 clicks), then you can get "カラテ"):

* Examples :
(Type) => (Output)
sumisu (for Smith) => スミス (#2)
jon (for John) => ジョン (#2)

kara => 空 (#4)
te => 手 (#3)
yawa => 柔 (#4)
dou => 道 (#6)