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Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

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Aska Botanical Enzyme Drink
Aska Botanical Enzyme Drink

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KI Curved Shield
KI Curved Shield 
• Durable vinyl (PVC) cover
• 4.5 inches thick, 18" wide, 20" tall
• Filled with impact absorbing foam.
• Available in black only
• Concave design evenly distributes impacts.
• Two vertical adjustable nylon velcro straps and four handles provide a secure grip.
• Lightweight (just over 3.5 lbs.)

The KI Curved Shield offers premium quality and user friendly features. The KI Curved Shield features a thick vinyl (PVC) covering that not only adds durability and strength to the shield but also enhances the impact absorption properties of the shield making it more comfortable and safer to use.

The shield is light weight (just over 3.5 lbs.) and the dimensions are 18" wide, 20" tall and 4.5" thick to offer its users a wide range of training. The shield also features a concave design that absorbs and evenly distributes impacts making it safer and easier to use. The KI Curved Shield is filled with high density impact absorbing foam that reduces the shock generated by powerful kicks and punches.

The back of the shield has two vertical adjustable nylon velcro straps located towards the center with four durable nylon handles. This handle system allows you to maintain a secure grip even during powerful strikes. Ready to punch, kick, and sweat?


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Martial Arts are contact sports. Users of this equipment are subject to personal injury. These products have a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury.

Striking an object improperly may cause injury. Do not strike any object without proper training and instruction. Wearing a mouth guard is always recommended when participating in any athletic activity.

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Shugyokan Dojo

Shugyokan Dojo

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American Self-Defense Club

Laurel Karate Club

Redlands Karate Dojo, Brisbane, Australia

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Sam Jaquinta

Sam Jaquinta

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Mugen Orange label uniform

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