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Focus Mitt
Focus Mitt 
Made of top quality soft leather, this is KI's original focus mitt. Palm area comes with durable shock absorbing hard foam. You can slide in your finger easily for maximum comfort. Durable and light weight. Sold by pair. Are you ready for some hard training?

Made of top quality 100% soft leather, this is KI’s original focus mitts. Curved design allows for greater ability to absorb punches in a correct hand position. Smaller surface area helps develop timing and sharpened speed combinations. Palm area comes with durable shock absorbing hard foam.

You can slide in your finger for maximum comfort. Multiple layer sandwich of foam for support, protection and longevity.

  • 100% leather for excellent durability
  • Curved Design for focused accuracy
  • Dense Foam Padding for protection & shock absorption
  • Rear Hand Compartment for secure fit
  • Lightweight for extra comfort

  • Sold as pairs
  • Available in White / Black
  • Size: 10" Tall x 7.5" Wide x 1.75" Thick


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Martial Arts are contact sports. Users of this equipment are subject to personal injury. These products have a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury.

Striking an object improperly may cause injury. Do not strike any object without proper training and instruction. Wearing a mouth guard is always recommended when participating in any athletic activity.

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