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1 3/4 inches Judo or Karate Black belt with embroidery on both ends
1 3/4 inches Judo or Karate Black belt with embroidery on both ends 
As an instructor, you deserve a high quality black belt. Made from 100% fine cotton, our 1 3/4” Width (4.5 cm width) Black Belts are made with 12 rows of stitching. High quality yarns are used for durability and smoothness. No wonder why you have seen our KI Black Belts worn by many instructors and masters worldwide.

We will embroider on our high quality KI black belt with Kanji, Katakana or English on both ends of the belt (up to 10 characters each). This belt is for both Karate and Judo. The width of belt is 1 3/4 inches (4.5 cm width). Back stitching of the embroidery will show on the other side.

* sample is shown in 7 characters in the color order of :
Orange Gold, Gold Gold, Yellow Gold, Medium Yellow, Silver, Royal Blue, and Red

Here's steps to order a belt with embroidery:
  1. order this item (KI black belt with embroidery on both ends)
  2. if requested, we will translate text from English to Japanese(Kanji or Katakana), there is no charges for translation
  3. we will inform you for confirmation of embroidery
  4. after we receive your confirmation, we will process the order, it would take about 5 business days to finish
  5. we will send you a nice black belt with your name
    * if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us! We would try our best to make you happy with new belt with your name on it!
* If you like wider belt, please click below link:
2 inches Black Belt with embroidery on both ends


* If you would like to embroider on different location or special needs, please contact us at
(800) 982-1059. Or simply order a uniform or belt, then add more embroidery services in 8. Embroidery on left hand side in Categories with notes which item you would like to add more embroidery.

* Embroidery service is optional, and below is typical process of embroidery:
Embrodiery process Embrodiery process

Price: $59.00

Options     * price may vary depending on size
Belt size
Expedite Service
* Sorry, due to huge backlog, temporary Expedite Service is not available. .
Thread Color thread color
Translate to Japanese
Text Direction character direction
Side-A (Label end) : Text belt sides
Side-A : Lettering Style   embroidery fonts
Side-B : Text
Side-B : Lettering Style   embroidery fonts
Text Alignment text alignment (only for both ends embroidery)
Remove Label
Bar stripe - Rank line
(Stripe height, approximate) stripe bars
Side of Bar stripe belt sides
Special instruction


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If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 982-1059 , Mon-Fri, 9-5 PDT, except holidays. Se habla Español.

Embroidery is our speciality

Size chart

All measures are with +/- 3% tolerance.

Size Length (Inch) Length   (CMS)
#000 74.8 190
#00 78.7 200
#0 83.5 212
#1 87.4 222
#2 91.3 232
#3 96.9 246
#4 104.7 266
#5 112.6 286
#6 122.8 312
#7 130.7 332
#8 133.9 340

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